The counseling approach that I utilize includes a holistic cognitive bahvioral approach, consisting of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, CBT, is designed to help the client change their thinking in order to change their behavior. CBT deals with cognitions, assumptions, beliefs and reactions, with the aim of influencing emotions and behaviors that relate to maladaptive and dysfunctional appraisal of events. Therapeutic techniques vary within the different approaches of CBT according to the particular kind of problem issues, but commonly may include keeping a diary of significant events and associated feelings, thoughts and behaviors; questioning and testing cognitions, assumptions, evaluations and beliefs that might be unhelpful and unrealistic; gradually facing activities which may have been avoided; and trying out new ways of behaving and reacting. Relaxation, mindfulness and distraction techniques are also commonly included. CBT is widely accepted as an evidence- and empiricism-based, cost-effective psychotherapy for many disorders and psychological problems. The ultimate goal of counseling is to bring renewal and to enhance the quality of life for the clients that this practice serves.  Because each client is a unique individual with unique struggles, there is no one course of counseling which will apply to everyone.  In general, however, the beginning stage of counseling involves clearly identifying the issues by which you are troubled.  The second stage involves gaining insights into patterns of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors related to your problems.  These insights will help you to begin making needed changes.  In the last stage, you will be encouraged to actively apply and solidify new insights and skills to facilitate change in yourself and your life situations.

 The duration of counseling depends on each client and their individual situation.  My objective is to provide you with the most effective form of therapy in the most cost efficient manner.  Experience shows that those who are most motivated to work on their problems, actively participate in the clinical support provided, and complete homework assignments see the greatest improvement in the least amount of time.


 While this practice offers a traditional approach to counseling, some people are interested in a Christian-based approach that respects their Christian beliefs and values.  This practice, therefore, offers its clients the opportunity to have a Christian approach that is biblically sound and consistent with a Christian world-view.  The approach incorporates prayer, the spiritual disciplines, and biblical truth to help clients utlize their spiritual resources in dealing with their concens in a way that brings honor to God.  Please inform your counselor of your interest in this approach.

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