This practice has attempted to set fees at a reasonable level and are moderate in comparison with the prevailing rates in this area.  The normal fee for a 50 minute session is $85.00.  Intake sessions (i.e., the initial session) are $110.00 because these sessions typically last 75-90 minutes and requires more extensive history and note taking. 

 All fees for services are due and payable on the day of the service being rendered.  You may pay by check or cash. A reciept will be given and insurance claims will be the responsibility of the client to look after.


Your initial appointment will be scheduled for one hour, unless other arrangements have been made.  Subsequent appointments are scheduled for 50 minutes  to allow the counselor some time between appointments to make and/or review notes in preparation for the next session.   

 You may cancel an appointment without charge by calling at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.  Please try to call as soon as you know that you must cancel.  Emergency situations will be evaluated on an individual basis.  Except in emergency situations, appointments canceled less that 24 hours in advance, or missed without notification will automatically be charged at full-fee charge.  Insurance companies do not pay for charges incurred for missed appointments, thus making payment your responsibility. 

 Late cancellations prevent your counselor from being able to schedule this time with other clients in need.  Two consecutive cancellations of any kind may also lead to the forfeiture of your standing appointment time and the need for you to find a new time.

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